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acáo is a company from Wiesbaden which offers sustainable and healthy food and beverage products. Its caffeinated soft drinks are aimed at caffeine lovers who are tired of the sugar bombs of the competition. The vegan, low-calorie acáo drinks stand for naturalness and organic quality. In general, acáo can help you to overcome listlessness and lack of motivation.  

For more than 40 years, Yogitea has stood for delicious herbal and spice teas based on unique tea recipes with roots in the 3,000-year-old Indian philosophy of Tea. According to their motto “Serve your Spirit”, Yogitea believes that even one cup of tea can inspire you to do much good for the world.  

By doing the first step, their sub-brand Choice believes that tea can make the world a better place. They only use 100% high-quality organic ingredients and work with a wide variety of organizations, such as: GoodShipping-Programm, Rainforest Alliance, Sustainable Spice Initiative and a lot more.  

Fairafric, a German-Ghanaian social enterprise, offers thousands of Africans the chance of a higher standard of living and better educational opportunities with its wide range of fair-trade chocolate. FairAfrica makes it possible to support the current situation in West Africa while not missing out on delicious chocolate. 

#ChangeTheIndustry, is the vision of the dietary supplement manufacturer MoreNutrition. It sells fitness nutrition that has real benefits and helps ambitious athletes accomplish their goals. With MoreNutrition’s products, it can become unchallenging to reduce daily sugar consumption while still consuming high-quality, lab-tested foods. 


The traditional, natural and sustainably cultivated juices available in Rabenhorst’s assortment can help you lead a healthier life. Not only juices, but also other liquid beverages such as smoothies, vitamin shots and more are made by Rabenhorst. At all times, they make sure to use the best raw materials. 



LikeLouis has invented a drink containing alcohol but without compromising on quality and ingredients. That beverage revelation is called Hard kombucha which impresses with its fizzy effervescence and unique flavor. Not only the drink’s ingredients are all natural, but also the processing, and besides, it tastes great.  




Lemons, lions or your very own logo… Stickerapp offers an all-inclusive selection of stickers available in a wide variety of finishes. It is possible to not only design customized stickers and labels, but also personalize skins or cases for technical devices. Stickerapp allows everyone to live out their creativity in a very simple way.    

Energycake is a company from Vienna which offers energy bars in meanwhile 22 different flavors. The rich bars provide you rapidly with energy and ensure the desired power. The gentle manual manufacturing process preserves vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This perfectly balances the requirements during intense physical activity. 


One of the leading food producers in Europe connects their mission of creating a taste of home with international business and established multiple brands. What Dr. Oetker developed 130 years ago through research and observation, revolutionized baking and food production in the long term. Products by Dr.Oetker can be used even without prior backing or cooking skills.  

If you are interested in IT and would like to get to know Dr.Oetker’s corporate culture, the „GetTheTaste“ event is the perfect fit for you. Not only can you supplement your theoretical knowledge from your studies with practical experience, but you can also simply exchange ideas about entry-level opportunities! 

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