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WHU Real Estate Club

Meet Our Team

Welcome to the WHU Real Estate Club team page. We are a group of motivated and enthusiastic students with a shared passion for real estate. Our diverse academic backgrounds and interests provide a unique perspective and a well-rounded understanding of the industry. At WHU, we have access to cutting-edge resources and opportunities to further develop our skills and knowledge. With a drive for excellence and a commitment to our shared vision, we aim to make a meaningful impact in the real estate field.

Our Supervisory Board

Dr. Tobias Wagner



Patrick Breuer



Frank M. Schmid



Prof. Tillmann Wagner



Tim Alcnauer



Konstantin van Megen



Tim Alcnauer



Our Team

Léocadie Reimers

Head of Marketing


Enzo Kirschstein

Head of IT



Liam Sahling

Head of Sponsoring


Sophie Roghé

Head of Sponsoring


Josefine Hobert

Head of Speaker & Participants


Anton Steffes-Mies

Head of Speaker & Participants


Jarle von der Bey

Head of Event Organization


Alexander Hees

Head of Event Organization


Leon Wiemann

Head of Education


Linus Malms

Head of Education


Christoph Dallmer-Zerbe

Head of Education


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